Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

It's 30°c outside and I'm in the mood for a glass of wine. I've had plenty of water, don't fancy a beer and I don't want to spend a fortune on a bottle - where do I go?

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

If you're looking for affordable whites in the summer then to me you have to go to Italy.

Italy is the largest producer of "bulk wine" with the majority of merchants based in the north of the country around the Veneto area.

There'll be no surprises when I say that Prosecco (the best selling UK sparkling wine) comes from that area as well.

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

To some discerning wine aficionados "bulk wine" falls into the same category as "lager louts" and "track-suits", something that the lower classes and un-wine-worthy drink.

Whatever the thoughts, it works, there's a shortage of the stuff!

Prosecco is delightful to drink, tastes great and you don't need a mortgage to buy it; What's not to like about that?

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

When I'm looking for a simple refreshing glass of wine (especially when it's hot outside) I want simple, tasty and cold - all that a beer or cider has but in wine form.

Of course there are a host of beautiful whites from all over the world that will give that but for me some of the simple Italian bulk wines have a place in my fridge.

There's nothing to hide with bulk wine, they are what they are. Some are better than others but they all deliver on an acceptable level which makes it great for a quick summer quaffer.

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

Price is key of course, why pay €15 for a bottle when I can find a Cheap Italian Summer Quaffer for €2? I kid you not, that is the price I paid for each of the wines pictured here. All of which delivered the expected result btw!

Granted, I bought them in Italy at the super market so they are cheaper than you'll find in other countries but in the UK for example, it is common to find the same wines for around the £5 mark.

Prosecco There's no denying that Prosecco is top of the popularity charts right now but things are about to get a bit more expensive in that area. Normally Prosecco prices are driven by world wine markets which fluctuate depending on vintages, crop production problems - poor crops, small crops etc. This was all good until the popularity of prosecco put pressure on growers, whose production is geographically limited to a very small area, to produce more. The result has been an increase in price and that's not what today's simple wine drinker is looking for.

So, where do we look for a Cheap Italian Summer Quaffer that isn't Prosecco?

Fizz is everywhere and there is a bit of a resurgence in Spanish Cava however you can find great Italian fizz at low prices.

I found this Pasqua Pinot Chardonnay Frizzante for super cheap (€3) which was wonderful with a super soft creamy cheese.

There is another kid on the block to look out for:

Gavi Spumante Brut - keep your eyes open for these, they are great value and great quality. Possibly the next trend maybe! I found an example here in the UK.

As a teaser - Check out this little number though. Not sure of the grape variety but it's fizz and the price looks good!  

Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers

Still Whites

If you're just looking for a "simple" glass of white wine that isn't fizzy then keep your eyes open for these grape varieties:

Pinot Bianco - Not to be confused with Pinot Grigio, however they are related. There used to be a very poor reputation associated with this grape variety but things have moved on a bit. These are cheap and cheerful, and dry with mineral undertones. This grape variety is everywhere in northern Italy and if you haven't tried any then you've missed out, they are great.

Check out this one from Sicily  

Trebbiano - On it's own it's a bit lost for flavour but blended it makes for great quaffers. Probably the most planted grape variety in Italy.

Try this little gem!

Or this one blended with the Greco grape.

Passimento Whites - Dry white wines made from semi-dried grapes. Thought I'd throw this in as I think it's going to be one of the next still wine trends. A tad more expensive than "budget" but still not out of this world.

Check out this one from Majestic Wines

Just for kicks There are so many cheap-but-drinkable wines out there it seemed a waste not to share some others:

A Crisp and Floral little number from Waitrose

This affordable Sicilian white

Light and fruity Garganega/Pinot Grigio blend

Finally - another great Sicilian


At the end of the day if all you are looking for is a "wind-down" glass or a "Friday evening chill out" glass then these are the types of wines that are going to pin your hubs. You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy a nice glass of wine so find some Cheap Italian Summer Quaffers!

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