Creamy Crepe Stack

Creamy Crepe Stack

Creamy Crepe Stack

Creamy Crepe Stack

I was recently looking for a dessert recipe for a friends daughter who has a dairy free diet and I found it difficult to find a recipe that wasn't really involved and time-consuming.

It's no secret in my house that I have no patience when it comes to desserts as I don't really have a sweet tooth and therefore am not too bothered by them. Consequently, if I am going to make a dessert it must be simple and quick otherwise I will look for another recipe.

This recipe appealed to me because, for one, it has no cream or dairy and, secondly, it involves crepes. I do like a crepe or two!

The no cream/dairy part is replaced by coconut milk, dairy free chocolate and a dairy free crepe recipe. 
In the recipe I haven't specified "dairy free" chocolate which you can use if you prefer.
Dairy free or not this is a tasty, cool and different dessert which is probably why it appealed to me.
That being said, it's a really safe recipe to make and could be a lot of fun for kids to be involved with.

You can make the crepes if you choose or you can buy pre-made ones. They are easy to make but if your time is restricted it may just be easier to buy them.
Either way here's a couple of recipes if you don't have one:

Dairy Free Crepe Recipe

Basic Crepe Recipe

Despite the dairy free part this dessert is still quite rich; a result of the coconut milk but combined with dark chocolate and fruit the richness is mellowed out. Whatever fruit is in season will work perfectly as long as it is ripe and juicy. I used raspberries and strawberries.

Creamy Crepe Stack

I cut my stacks with a round cookie cutter but you can cut wedges/triangles (like a cake) if you prefer.

Creamy Crepe Stack

Any ripe seasonal fruit will work well with this dessert.

Creamy Crepe Stack

Recipe for 4 - 8 people (depending on portion size)

1 x 400ml can Coconut Milk
10 Crepes - you can use more 
2 tbsp Icing Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Essence
50g Dark Chocolate - melted
Fruit for decoration

The Mix: 

Open the coconut milk and separate the liquid from the solid cream. You will use only the cream, the liquid can be used for other dishes and is perfect used in smoothies.
Put the cream in a mixing bowl and whisk for approx. 3 minutes until it turns light and fluffy
Add icing sugar and vanilla - mix in well and whisk for another 1 minute

Now it's time to start stacking your crepes
Start layering your crepes by spreading a layer of cream on top each as you go 
Don't put too much cream on otherwise it will be difficult to cut. About 2 - 3 mm should do it
Save 2 tbsp of cream and when finished stacking the crepes mix with the warm chocolate
The chocolate mix will thicken considerably at this point and will need to be re-heated prior to serving

When serving, cut the crepe stack into portions as you wish and place on plates. Or leave whole and cut at the table.
Reheat the chocolate mixture and drizzle over the top of the crepes
Decorate with chopped fruit and serve immediately

Drink This: 

Try this Orange Muscat with the Creamy Crepe Stack and Chocolate Sauce

Orange Muscat

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