Discover Cabernet Franc

Discover Cabernet Franc

Discover Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

Another little known grape variety yet one with incredible presence, the Cabernet Franc produces wines that are so easy to drink it's surprising that it isn't more popular than it is.

Primarily a blending grape, famously part of the Bordeaux Blend alongside Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (and others), Cabernet Franc brings herbs and a young freshness to the party. On it's own it excels as a simple wine, a perfect food partner and great wine for those looking for a lighter option.


Light to medium bodied, low tannin and high acidity.

Most are drunk young although some light aging helps the best Cab. Francs.

Has it's roots in SW France but excels in France's Loire Valley.


France - Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Basque Country

Italy - Fruili Venezia

Canada - Okanagan Valley

USA - California, Washington

Chile, Argentina

Australia, New Zealand


Strawberry, plum, green bell pepper.

Herbaceous accents, tobacco and dark spice, mineral.


Bordo, Bouchet, Bouchy, Breton, Cabernet Franco, Cabernet Frank.


Cabernet Franc can pair with a wide variety of foods due to its natural high acidity and low tannin.

Higher acidity makes it possible to pair with tomato-based dishes and vinegar-based sauces.

Cabernet Franc is herbaceous so be sure to use plenty in your cooking.

Great with meats - Pork, beef, burgers or stew, meatballs in tomato sauce, curry, turkey, Wild Game Hens, pâté.

Cheese - especially goats cheese.

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