Discover Malbec

Discover Malbec

Discover Malbec



Malbec wine has been around for centuries although it wasn't until recently that it became popular drinking with wines from Argentina taking the stage front and centre.

Malbec was and still is one of the original blending grapes of the Bordeaux Blend in Southwest France. Single variety Malbec wines were once considered poor quality peasant wines.

In nearby Cahors, Malbec was very much at home until disease and politics ceased most production making way for Bordeaux wines to gather popularity. It's still grown in Cahors where there has been a favourable resurgence, although it can be a gamble as to the quality sometimes.

It's an acquired taste, Malbec, especially the Old World versions which can have a bitterness that offends those with young palettes.

New World Malbecs have round fruit and an easy drinking capability that endears them to those looking for something a bit different.

In fact there is almost no correlation between Old and New World Malbecs, they are completely different with Argentina stealing the show hands down.


A full bodied, medium tannin, medium acidity wine that can be drunk early or aged.

Prefers a cooler climate with a bit of elevation to produce it's best examples.

Often blended with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon and/or Merlot rather than 100% Malbec.


France - Southwest

Argentina - Mendoza


Australia - South 

USA - California

Italy - North East


Black cherry, plum, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry.

Cocoa, chocolate, coffee, molasses, leather, black pepper, tobacco, smoky, vanilla (oak)


Côt, Auxxerois, Malbech, Malbeck


Malbec is brilliant with super strong and rich food - Meat in particular.

Game, Ostrich, Buffalo, Duck, Pork belly and anything that can be grilled over charcoal.

Does ok with spice and heat - chilli, cumin, coriander.

Try it with hard cheeses too - Pecorino, Parmesan.

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