Discover Pinot Noir

Discover Pinot Noir

Discover Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Without a doubt Pinot Noir the most romanticized red wine in the world. No other grape brings out such emotion and devout worship among its enthusiasts.

Considered by many to produce the finest wines in the world, Pinot Noir has a special place in my heart.

One of the reasons the Pinot Noir grape has such a following is because it’s really hard to grow, which results in a great bottle of Pinot Noir being a rare find.  Once found, a great bottle of Pinot Noir is something to behold - smooth with many complex yet expressive layers. Enough body to keep you occupied but not too much to over power one's palate - there is something for everyone in a Pinot.

Pinot Noir

WHAT: Extremely difficult to grow and easily succeptible to fungus this is a delicate grape that often has poor harvests resulting in average wines. However, on a great year Pinots are sought after and command huge prices.

Not all pinots are equal and there is a difference between Old World and New World versions.

From the old world, simple examples are light bodied with light tannin and medium acidity while some of the best and ageworthy examples are quite the opposite with medium+ body, light+ tannin and medium+ tannins.

In new world wine regions you will find more rounded fruit and vanilla toastiness.

All are drink worthy in my opinion, with or without food.

WHERE: Burgundy in France is the home of Pinot where it prefers the cool climate and limestone, clay soil.

Other fantastic Pinot's come from the USA -  Sonoma, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Russian River.

New Zealand - Martinborough, Marlborough, Central Otago.

Chile's Central Valley, Limari Valley, Maipu Valley, Casablanca Valley.

South Africa - Western Cape and Stellenbosch.

FLAVOURS/TASTES: Black cherry, strawberry, cranberry, currant, raspberry or currant.

Other typical flavors include earth, leather, vanilla (from the oak), clove, licorice, caramel, and jam ... the fruity flavors of the jam often taste like raspberry, strawberry, and plum. 

Traditional red Burgundy is famous for its fleshy, ‘farmyard’ aromas and perfumed aroma.

OTHER NAMES: Savagnin Noir, Bourguignon, Pinot Nero, Pignola, Spätburgunder, Blauburgunder, Klevner, Nagyburgundi, Modri Pinot.

Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is an amazingly food-friendly wine. It's delicate elegance can be overwhelmed by strong food flavors and spices so be careful of too much heat (spice) and super strong flavours. It pairs very well with salmon, duck, lamb, pork, veal, chicken, turkey and mushrooms, especially in lighter, grilled or roasted dishes.

Full-bodied Pinot Noirs pair well with beef, lamb and game, especially roasted or grilled.

Avoid serving Pinot Noir with smoked fish, spicy dishes, sweet dishes, fruit and fruit-based dishes or sauces.

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