Discover Savoie Wines

Discover Savoie Wines

Discover Savoie Wines

Savoie Wines

Wine Tasting - Discover Savoie Wines

In the Alps of France the Savoie region serves as the worlds playground and it's mountains host some of the best outside activities available.

The majestic snow capped mountains with forested valley floors have been traveled by many in search of an authentic alpine experience. However, no alpine experience is complete without mountain fayre such as local cheeses, dried hams and the stoic "Tartiflette" all washed down with a glass of something easy to drink.

There is nothing better while sitting on a slope side terrace watching the world fly by or sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold snowy night.


Times are-a-changing:

"Tourist wine" and "Ski Chalet" wine is how many see the wines from the Savoie region. 

Savoie wines were never huge players on the worlds wine stage. Wines were lean, tart and hardly ageworthy all made by small producers in a cold climate. The result was a poor reputation and a reputation for "chalet wine" - preferably drunk in bulk!

Certainly these wines were not taken seriously......up until now. 

Climate change and industry growth have played a large part in assisting the coming of age for these, average, mountain wines.

The wine industry of today leaves little place for average wines. Markets are competative and consumers have a lot of choice. The bar has been raised and winemakers have been forced to raise their game by making wines that are worthy of their price tag.

Today's Savoie wine makers who recognize the need for good quality wine are keen to change opinions of their wines and have begun using new growing and winemaking techniques to produce substantially better wines.

Now, exploring wines of the Savoie is an exciting experience. Wines are ageworthy and food friendly while showing beautiful expressions of terroir and diversity.

These wines are now more than just something to accompany a slice of dried ham in a ski slope restaurant.


The diversity of Savoie wines:

70% of wine production in the Savoie is white from grape varieties such as Jacquère, Rousanne (of Rhone Valley fame) and Altesse among many others.

White wine production is mainly still wines but good quality sparklers are also made.

Reds come from the Mondeuse, Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes along with others.

Both reds and whites are being produced with aging potential although production is so low that the best are super hard to find making them collectors items.

Savoie whites offer a range of wine styles from light, fruity, clear whites to crisp, herby, and sappy wines.

Reds range from light and racy with slight bitterness to dark, fuller bodied, spicy wines with aging potential.

All are easy to drink!

Savoie Wines

Venture off-piste with Di and explore these local mountain wines that will surprise and amaze you.

You'll learn a little about the area that was Italian until 150 years ago while tasting some of the local produce that pairs so incredibly well with these much understood wines.


For this tasting we will taste 6 wines from the Savoie, 4 white and 2 red including a fortified wine and a sparkler.

All wines will be accompanied by samples of regional produce that Di has prepared to offer you a unique insight into this beautiful region - you won't be disapppointed!

The tasting takes around 2 hours.

Contact Di for prices and availability

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