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Food and Wine Pairing

Food and Wine Pairing

Food and Wine Pairing

Food and Wine Pairing

Correct Food and Wine Pairing is a subject close to most foodie or wine lover's hearts.
More often than not though it leads to confusion and frustration among those trying to figure it out.

Too much of this or too little of that or a wrong wine choice can spoil just what has taken so long to achieve and lead to an average experience or memory of an event.

In an article I wrote here, I discuss at length some of the principles of Food and Wine Pairing

To take things a step further I developed a Food and Wine Pairing Tasting around that very article.

Food and Wine Pairing

This 2 hour tasting opens up the world of food and wine to those keen to learn more about it's marriage.

The tasting brings 6 different wines along with samples of food designed either to match or not together.

Using my article Food and Wine Pairing 101 as a guide we'll discuss both wines and food and how the marriage could either be enhanced or avoided.

Food and Wine Pairing

This wine tasting is both interesting and fun for those keen to learn more about Food and Wine Pairing.

You can't avoid chemistry but you can have fun trying!

Contact me for prices and availability.

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