Glass Bottle Lantern Recycled

Glass Bottle Lantern Recycled

Glass Bottle Lantern Recycled

Recycled Glass Bottle Lantern

In my line of work there is no shortage of empty wine bottles and to stem the flow of trips to the recycling depot I started recycling them in a different way.

It all started when I couldn't find a decent storm lantern to use outside in the summer when it was breezy - the candles all got blown out and with it the ambience.

I saw a version of these bottles and eventually came up with my own design that worked like a charm and looked pretty good too. So good that my clients started ordering them and after selling quite a few I've decided to add them to my site.

If you're looking for something different or you've got some pretty cool bottles you'd like to see more of then these are a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

They are functional, multi-use and are a unique accent that often becomes the focal point of our table.

Recycled Glass Bottle Lantern

These cute lanterns are made using recycled wine bottles, cut and hand painted with unique designs.

I can add a theme using your specifications and colour palate resulting in a bespoke and fun piece that will not be replicated.  Everything is handmade.

The lanterns are designed to be used either inside or outside and with small tealight candles only and are perfect ambience enhancers.

If you are looking to create a themed table or room then these lanterns can become the perfect centre piece or overhead accents in line with your color scheme.

Alternatively they are a unique gift and look stunning on their own either hung or used on a table.


The Recycled Glass Bottle Lanterns can be used in two ways:

Recycled Glass Bottle Lantern

Recycled Glass Bottle "Storm" Lantern

The addition of recycled cork coaster allow these lanterns to stand on a smooth surface and act as a "storm" lantern.

The pretty cork coaster protects the surface from the heat of the candle and allows oxygen to keep the flame alight - without it the flame will die and your table may burn!

The "Storm Lantern" part means that the shape of the bottle allows the flame to stay lit during breeze, wind and rain allowing the ambience to stay alight (excuse the pun!)

Storm lanterns look great inside or out and the more the merrier for a memorable experience.


The Recycled Glass Bottle Storm Lantern comes with 1 recycled cork coaster

Contact me for prices and availability

Recycled Glass Bottle Crafts

Hanging Glass Bottle Lantern

The addition of a galvanized wire candle cradle and hanging chain allows these pretty lanterns to be hung either inside or outside.

Just like "wine bottle chandeliers" these hanging lanterns twinkle while swaying in the breeze and the candle always stays lit.

Imagine 3 or 4 of these hung over your dining table or around your deck giving a subtle light through the colourful artwork.


The Hanging Glass Bottle Lantern comes with 50cm of chain, 1 wire cradle and a small S hook for hanging.

Contact me for prices and availability

Recycled Glass Bottle Lanterns

I can use whatever colour palate you prefer.

It is possible to purchase a "multi-pack" of 1 handcrafted bottle, 1 hanging kit and 1 recycled cork coaster allowing you to change where you use the lantern - contact me for prices and availability.

Recycled Glass Bottle Lantern

Things to know!

Availability - I don't carry a large stock of lanterns so there are none for sale on this page. However I do have some for immediate sale so Contact Me and I will send photos of what I have in stock. Alternatively, I will be happy to create a special lantern or lanterns for you.

Remember - Glass gets hot! Each lantern comes with a set of safe handling instructions. If these instructions are followed along with common sense there will be no issues. Please keep away from children and follow the instructions. The Sommelier Chef can not be held responsible for injuries sustained outside of the safe handling instructions.

Freezing weather - Never leave the bottles outside when temperatures are due to freeze - they will break!

Wind - In windy weather give the bottles plenty of room and remove obstacles that may come into contact and break the glass.  Alternatively store the bottles in a safe place in really windy weather.

Cleaning - The paint used on each lantern is water based acrylic and is dishwasher safe. That being said - Hand washing is recommended as extended dishwasher use will remove some of the detail.

Chain - The length of chain provided allows for sufficient safe clearance from combustible materials, shortening the chain could result in fire.

Design/Artwork - Remember, I am no artist! I will endeavor to create what you require however, some poetic license must be granted!!

Recycled Glass Bottle Lantern


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