Menu and Wine Services

Menu and Wine Services

Menu and Wine Services

The Sommelier Chef Menu and Wine Services

Wine and Menu Services


Are you having an event or special dinner but have no idea what wines to serve?

Do you have a bunch of great wines and want to enjoy them with your friends over a great dinner but haven’t a clue what menu to make?

Are you catering for different cultural or dietary needs and are stuck on ideas for the menu?

Let The Sommelier Chef help you!

Chef and Sommelier Di Warren has extensive knowledge of both subjects and can easily create a menu or wine pairings based on your concerns.

With food and wine, a good result isn’t difficult to achieve given the right advice. Using simple and effective techniques combined with her experience Di Warren can provide solutions and advice for your event.

How it works?

Drop Di an email and she will set up a time for a consultation to discuss your needs via skype or phone. This consultation is free and there is no obligation to proceed if you don’t want to.

If you choose to proceed Di will provide a quote for the work based on your conversation.

Once price has been agreed and payment taken, Di will then go away and work on a solution and have it back to you within 48hours

Work will be forwarded to you via email and is yours to keep Royalty Free

Depending on your requirement solutions may consist of:

Complete Menus

Detailed recipes

“How to’s” (where applicable)

Wine lists and supplier information (where applicable)

Wine pairings

Wine storage and service suggestions


Prices are based per consultation

Email and phone follow up available for questions and queries

Contact me with questions or for further information

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