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Ever have a wine or food question, wish you could speak to a real wine or food professional but didn’t know whom to ask?

Ever wanted to know more about wine or food but been put off by the serious and stuffy stigma surrounding it?

Ever wanted to dabble with new food and wine ideas but didn’t know where to start?

Then don’t be afraid to ask someone who knows


The Sommelier Chef’s Virtual Sommelier Services allows you direct access to professional Chef and Sommelier Di Warren’s knowledge via Skype or email whenever you have a question, query or concern.

What about a holiday to the vineyards of southern Italy but want to know the inside track on where’s good to go?


Should I be buying Shiraz from France or Australia? If so what and where from? I’m so confused!

The list is endless…..

Ask your question, put your mind at ease or pique your curiosity by letting Di Warren, using her "never too serious and plain speaking" approach, work with you face to face wherever you are in the world.


How does it work?

For a fee you purchase a single visit or multiple visits, which consists of web time via Skype and email follow up depending on your question.

Each visit is 30 min in duration and takes place via Skype at a time pre-determined time and date

During your visit Di will discuss your subject and offer direct advice and information if appropriate and depending on the subject matter

Included in your fee is unlimited email follow up for the specific subject until your solution is achieved. 
For other subjects you will need to purchase more visits



Single visit (1) €40

Triple visits (3) €110

Multiple visits (10) €360


Secure payment via Paypal

Contact me with questions and to book your slot today.

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