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What Your Beer Glass Says About You

What Your Beer Glass Says About You

What Your Beer Glass Says About You

Beer, drunk by millions, adored by almost all.
The thirst quenching, nacho loving, flat, fizzy, cold or warm libation that you’ll find in almost all the countries around the world.
It’s a rite of passage at tail-gate parties, pool parties and BBQ’s everywhere.
There’s nothing quite like a beer and sometimes nothing else but a beer will do.

We all know it (beer), it comes in all different styles from brown to blond, hoppy to fruity and bitter to light, not forgetting to mention everything in between.

But, how we drink it and more importantly what we drink it in may be sending the wrong impression to onlookers.
Have you ever wondered: What your beer glass says about you?

So, What IS your beer glass saying about you?

There are so many different beer swilling vessels out there, much like there are different wine glasses.
For those serious enough about beer to care, you choose the right glass for the right beer, it makes a difference to the taste and you appreciate it.
Some wear a beer glass like a fashion accessory that finishes “the look” while others hang onto a beer glass as if it’s surgically attached.
There is a certain “stance” involved with some beer drinkers which usually involves the bar being used as a prop.
Wine glasses, are for another story, but I will say that the type of glass one uses often tells a professional a lot about you before they’ve even met you – rightly or wrongly!

What Your Beer Glass Says About You

Loads of different types of glass for loads of different types of beer:

Left to Right:
1. Pilsner (type) Glass
2. Weizer (type) Glass
3. Big Wine Glass
4. Mixer Glass or my preferred beer glass
5. Beer Mug


I am not ashamed to admit that I like a pint on occasion.
My brother used to call me a beer-swilling lager lout – harsh but fair to a point apart from the fact that I drank cider and not beer.
Ah the memories of drunken Saturday nights after an afternoon playing hockey (field not ice) are legendary – fantastic!

So me, a late 40 something married woman, likes a straight-sided beer glass with a bit of weight to it. I can’t be doing with the light and flimsy thin things with a stem. No, they just don’t spell beer for me.
I guess that may give the impression to some that I’m a butch beer drinking slapper wearing flat shoes who is not lady-like at all.
Apparently, according to those in the know, the type of beer glass I like is really bad for the beer, which pretty much means that I like to drink beer for the buzz not for savoring the flavor. Enough said but I’m no slapper.

My husband, au contraire, loves a (very) large glass with a stem, much like a gigantic wine glass, for certain beers (Stella being one) and a dimpled pint mug with a handle for others – two conflicting styles but both may belong to a certain group of people synonymous with wearing vests (singlets in other countries) and knocking their other halves around. I can categorically state that I have never been knocked around in 20 years together but there may be an off white vest lurking in a draw somewhere.
Again, according to those in the know, the big wine glass allows for quick release of  “volatiles” and the mug allows the beer to stay cooler longer.
Either way, with my husband at the helm, the beer doesn’t last long enough to get warm and he releases his own “volatiles” later on.


There was a spate of “designer” beers to hit the market a few years ago. They were drunk in trendy bars in their own especially logoed, odd shaped glasses for an astronomical price. The people who drank them often only had one then returned to their regular brew but those mindful of appearances kept on forking out for the expensive beer and glass which quickly became a fashion accessory much like a man-bag. They thought they were really hip – we all knew otherwise.

Then there’s the good-old-fashioned Pilsner Glass. Smooth sided, thin at the bottom, flaring out towards the top. Well they are ok if you have a small one and drink it quickly but they are so slim at the bottom that the beer soon gets warm as that’s where glass is held. It could be ascertained that if you drink from a large pilsner glass you like warm beer, are a super slow sipper and therefore won’t be ready to get a round in when all the others are finished theirs. Ever wondered why your mates don’t include you in the round?


How about the super long Weizen glass? The glass usually associated with wheat beers. Narrow at the bottom, wide and curved in at the top and about 3 ft long (well actually 12 inches). Reminds me of those foot long cocktails you get in Vegas with the super long straws that everyone walks around with trying to look cool. You can think what you like, it IS Vegas after all.

There are those who prefer to drink straight from the bottle or can. What can I say? We’ve all done it, and it has a place especially if you are wearing a cowboy hat and drive a pick-up truck. I had a pick-up truck so I rest my case!

There are those of you out there who savour beer, the craft of beer making and the many different flavours they omit. The glass you drink from will make a difference to you much like wine glasses do to wine lovers.
For us regular folk, who just want to drink a damn beer, the glass is a personal thing and, really, who cares how it looks?

So, after all that, you may think of me as a butch beer swilling slapper who wears flat shoes and drives a truck with my cowboy hat on……

Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong, it’s my personal opinion not my professional one here!

So, what does your beer glass say about you?

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Drink any beer in whatever glass you like!

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