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Discovering Ventoux, Provence

Like many wine lovers the Rhône valley, and it's wines, intrigues me and has done ever since I became interested in the subject. One of my earliest wine memories involved a bottle (or two) of Côtes du Rhône, a rather large chunk of Stilton cheese and a wonderful raucous evening spent with great friends.


That Ruddy Chicken!

"How are the locals? Are they friendly?"
"I've heard stories about how stand-offish and unfriendly they (the French) are.” 
“I've heard it takes at least 5 years to even be invited to something by your neighbours in France."


Where I Lay My Hat

Why are Chefs so Rude?

Why are chefs so rude and do they really throw things at you in the kitchen? 
These are questions I have been asked by guests many times. 


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