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Discovering Ventoux, Provence

Like many wine lovers the Rhône valley, and it's wines, intrigues me and has done ever since I became interested in the subject. One of my earliest wine memories involved a bottle (or two) of Côtes du Rhône, a rather large chunk of Stilton cheese and a wonderful raucous evening spent with great friends.


Food and Wine Pairing 101

I am forever being asked about Food Pairing and what wine goes well with this or that dish. I have had many frantic last minute texts from people in the wine store staring, like deer in headlights, at the rows of bottles trying to find something to go with a certain dish.


Get the Floc out!

Getting the "Floc" out is a common occurrence in the South West of France.
I get the "Floc" out often although I'm pretty sure most French don't snigger like kids when they do, the joke just doesn't seem to grow old with me.


Are you a Wine Snob?

When you see the photo of the wine box do you think?

A, “Oh no, not another article on boxed wine, it’s only the dregs in the box you know”?


How to Choose your House Wine

At Chez Passet, our chambers d’hôtes, we offer an evening meal accompanied with house wine. As we serve the wine in carafes, I’m always asked what it is and where it comes from by our guests.

These questions usually start a conversation about how we chose our house wine.