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Big Coq Côtes du Rhône

I honestly bought this bottle of Big Coq Côtes du Rhône because of it's name and label.

Firstly, I thought it funny that the French (of all people) should be getting into quirky marketing and secondly, because I wondered if they really know how it would be received by the English speaking buyers.

I hate to think they didn't know so applaud them for finally having a sense of humor!

Anyway, it's a simple soul and an easy quaffer. Light in style for a CDR but great for the "after work" chill down glass.

For the €4 price tag it's a great party wine that will turn heads and make people smile...

Haven't seen it in too many stores (I bought it in CDR) but here's a couple of links to buy online.

The Calais Wine Superstore and the Artisans Vignerons both sell it or you can try google to see if it's available where you are.

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