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Champs Des Rainettes Bourgueil 2016

Cabernet Franc is trending in wine circles right now and with climate changes these, once "thin" wines are now super to drink.

This Bourgeuil is selling in France at Super U (BSM) for €5.15 and it's a worthy example of how the wine has evolved.

Super food friendly and (unfortunately) super easy to drink put this on your list to try.

Bourgueil and Chinon is where Cabernet Franc shines in France - medium bodied, med/high acidity herby, spicy, earthy with raspberry and strawberry. Pinot Noir lovers should like this 100% Cab. Franc

Keep your eyes open for Cab. Franc - it's coming your way!

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If you are overseas and want a recommendation for a Cab. Franc drop me a line, i'll be happy to pass some suggestions along.