About Di Warren

About Di Warren

About Di Warren

Di Warren Sommelier

I became a chef at the age of 18 because I wanted a ticket to travel and feed my wanderlust.  My real first job was working for a high end caterer in London looking after movers, shakers and rock stars - an eye opener for a 18 year old.  From there I travelled the high seas on an oil tanker for a few years, hardly glamorous but feeding the travel habit none-the-less. I ended up in the French Alps for 5 years cooking in a variety of restaurants while having the time of my life, skiing hard and playing harder.  I met my husband in France, the lucky guy, and he whisked me off to his native land, Canada.


In Canada I took a break from cooking and went into Ski Area Management for 8 years. I then moved to a ski guiding company that had a prestigious lodge high up in the Canadian Rockies and it was here that my love and curiosity of wine got the better of me and I started the road to becoming a Sommelier.  Once qualified I worked as a Wine Educator with the International Sommelier Guild until the lure of food, wine and European life got the better of us both.

We have been in France since 2009 and I have been indulging in my love for the mountains, cycling, wine and gastronomy.  

Using my expertise and lifestyle as a stimulous I have developed fun Wine and Food Tasting Experiences which are interesting and popular - this is great because I think I enjoy them as much as the guests do!
I deliver these unique experiencess quite unlike any other wine tastings making for a enjoyable and memorable event.

Life is fantastic journey, our appetites whetted and our cellar, ‘er, well sometimes full but mostly empty!  

 There is still so much to see and do!

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