Are you a Wine Snob?

Are you a Wine Snob?

Are you a Wine Snob?

Are you a wine snob?

When you see the photo of the wine box do you think?

A, “Oh no, not another article on boxed wine, it’s only the dregs in the box you know”?

B,  “Boxed wine, not in my life time”?

C,  “Oh look, it’s the same one as we drink”?

If you answered A, or B, then you have to ask yourself if you might be a bit of a wine snob.

Wine snobs (WS) are a different breed and there are many breeds: 

There’s the WS that doesn't know an awful lot about wine but can afford the more expensive bottles, has a designer cellar filled with only high scoring wines, never drinks cheap wine and makes a point of name or vintage dropping whenever possible. 

There’s also the WS who knows a bit about wine and wants everyone else to know it. They hold court at parties swirling, sniffing, talking grapes and fermentation while those around pretend to be interested while trying to get away. Not to be confused with the wine geek who is very knowledgeable and goes in search of obscure wines from obscure places, just because they can.

Then there’s old school WS; Claret only and if it’s not French it’s not worth drinking. They think that screw caps are the devil and will never EVER drink wine that comes from a plastic container.

Finally there’s Regular Joe (RJ) who can’t be classed as a wine snob but is worthy of a mention. RJ likes a glass or two, often more. They are keen to learn a bit more about wine so that they can try new types, especially the ones that go on sale in the supermarket. They don’t really care what the wine comes in as long as it tastes good, doesn’t cost a fortune and goes well with curries.

Are you a wine snob?

WS can still be found in their natural habitat, the wine shop. They lurk near the high-end wines, furtively sneering at what others pick up especially if it doesn't’t make their cut. If you are unfortunate enough, WS will share their wealth of knowledge with you, like it or not, but loud enough of course, to let everyone around them hear. 

As a young chef in London surrounded by the wine world I remember the whole wine thing intimidated me. There were words I didn’t know, wines I couldn't pronounce let alone afford and there were lots of WS who walked and talked as if the sun shone from somewhere south of their navel.
Funny that in later years I should become part of that world and now I am eyed suspiciously as soon as anyone finds out that I am a Sommelier; mostly because they think I’m going to prattle on about this and that aroma and how it tastes gloriously like an animal’s bum.

I can talk wine with the best of them; I am, after all, a Sommelier and in the right situation I love to talk about animals bums but only when my audience is on the same platform. I don’t think it fair to talk on a higher level than someone in my company unless I am sure they want to hear it. That’s how we got the term “wine snob” in the first place.

Are you a wine snob?

Sommeliers today are working hard to remove the stigma that surrounds wine created by WS. By making wine the subject uncomplicated wine has become fun, interesting and approachable. 
Things have changed, the wine world has evolved, everyone’s purse strings are tighter, but there’s interest in wine and people want to be wine educated. There is no interest in the pomp and hype that surrounded the industry years ago; WS just isn't tolerated anymore. 

When it comes to wine here’s what most Sommeliers will tell you: 

Drink what you like when you like. Wine is for everyone and is made to be enjoyed. If you don’t like a wine, say so. If you do, try to think what it is you like about it, even if it’s “I just like it, not sure why”. As long as you like it, that’s all that matters and if you want to learn more seek a professional. 

So, if wine snobbery is your thing, that’s ok, but remember not everyone appreciates you droning on about why the ‘89 is better than the ’88, they just want to enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Which one are you? Are you a wine snob?

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Your wine philosophy - that it's about what tastes good to you - is mine too.

I suppose I'me closest to the wine nerd, because we live, work & socialise with others who live & work in a wine region.

But I'm certainly not against wine in a box, in fact I've had a few good ones! A great Aussie invention.

Thanks for linking up through the #WINENOT Linky Party!


I am definitely a wine geek. I love to talk about wine but particularly adapting it to whoever I am talking to, pausing regularly so that if they want to change the conversation or ask a question, they can. I have that new career enthusiasm about wine.

Sadly, in Melbourne (Australia) the WS is the Sommelier norm rather than the exception. There is plenty of sneering when someone orders a NZ Sauv Blanc (most definitely the largest selling varietal in this country). I have even been shot down in wine education sessions when I have asked questions of some of these Somms. They are causing damage to the industry!

di's picture

I totally agree Nicole, there's wine out there for every taste and just because someone says it's "not good" or "poor quality" doesn't mean to say that it is.
Things are changing in terms of snobbiness in the industry, slowly but surely, thanks to people like us.

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