Beef Diane

Beef Diane

Beef Diane

Beef Diane

Most people have heard of the classic dish Steak Diane where a steak is pan fried and the pan de-glazed with spirit, in this case Brandy, and finished with cream.
I love it and it brings about fond memories of my first restaurant job which had a classic menu.
We would all scramble for a taste of the sauce before the pan went into the pot wash while avoiding the wrath of the head chef.
You'd be hard pressed to find it on the menu now though as it went out of fashion in the early 80's - guess I'm showing my age!

This Beef Diane is my twist on that same classic Steak Diane dish.

As many of you already know, I like simple yet tasty dishes that don't mean that I spend hours in the kitchen.
Not that i'm lazy, i'll spend ages getting the ingredients just right and adding them when the time is just right to get the best result.
I just happen to think that most dishes should be simple and not so time consuming. 
A dish should be about the best ingredients and a simple, uncomplicated, recipe.

This dish is left to slowly cook in the oven in it's own sauce and finished with Brandy and Creme Fraiche at the end.
It can be cooked ahead, frozen and served whenever you need it and the flavour never dwindles.

It's a simple dish with a flavour punch that makes your palate think it's on holiday.
If on a budget this is for you as the ingredients are pretty simple and should be a staple in most kitchens.
Served with plenty of fresh parsley, a dash of Brandy and a dollop of cream fraiche it's the perfect accompaniment to noodles or (my favourite) crispy roasted potatoes.

If you don't like the taste of brandy you can substitute with dry sherry for a similar flavour or just a dash of red wine - although it wouldn't be Beef Diane if you did.

Beef Diane

Yep - it's a stew...but it's super tasty!

Beef Diane

Recipe for 4 people

1kg Stewing Beef - Cubed
1tbsp Olive Oil
4 Cloves Garlic - Crushed
1 Medium sized Onion - Chopped finely
425g Can Tomatoes - Chopped
125ml Water
2 Beef stock cubes
3 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
125ml Creme Fraiche
2 tbsp Parsley plus extra for garnish - Chopped finely
2 tbsp Brandy

The Mix: 

Turn oven to 180℃ or fan assist 160℃
Put oil in a large oven proof saucepan or casserole and heat
Add beef and stir until browned
Add garlic and onion, stir in and cook until soft
Add tomatoes (with juice), stock cubes and Worcestershire sauce 
Mix together well and bring to the boil
Put lid on casserole and place in oven, cook for 2 hours stirring every 30 minutes or so
After 2 hours stir in Brandy and Creme Fraiche, leave lid off and return to the oven for a further 30 minutes
Once stir in parsley and serve

That's it, pretty simple but pretty tasty!

I often add an extra splash of Brandy just before serving and top with a small teaspoon of Creme Fraiche - Yummy!

Drink This: 

Just to throw a different choice out there try this Spanish Ribera Del Duero for size.

Ribera Del Duero

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