Crispy Crepe Ribbons and Boozy Berries

Crispy Crepe Ribbons and Boozy Berries

Crispy Crepe Ribbons and Boozy Berries

Crispy Crepe Ribbons ad Boozy Berries

This dessert will make you look like you belong on Masterchef!

It's super quick to make and super easy but tastes like it came from the best dessert maker in the world.

The trick to the dessert is not to over think it and keep everything simple allowing the freshness of the fruit and the buttery crepes do the work on their own.

For the crepes - I used store bought but you can use your own, just be sure not to make the crepes too wet as they won't crisp up in the pan and that's part of the dishes charm.
Also, size wise, the crepes I use are large dinner plate size which gives you a large portion. You can get away with less for smaller portions....if you dare!
The crepes crisp up really quickly in the pan and they can be a bit tricky to eat without coulis or ice cream. If in doubt, pour your coulis over the top of the crepes and that will keep them soft.

For the coulis, I used strawberries which are just coming into season here but any fruit will work. Another favorite of mine is caramelized apple sauce or sautéd Bananas with Rum but there's always the classic orange or cherry versions out there.

Finally, the prep for this dish can be made well ahead of eating, leaving you only to finish cooking the crepes just before eating - Simple and Easy!

Crispy Crepe Ribbons and Boozy Berries

Make sure not to cook the crepes too much or they will be too crunchy

Crispy Crepe Ribbons and Boozy Berries

I used strawberries for this dish but most fruit or berries will work just as well, hot or cold depending on your preference. 
You can omit the Boozy part if you'd rather just have the freshness of the fruit.

Crispy Crepe Ribbons with Boozy Berries

Recipe for 4 people

100g fresh Strawberries - washed and dried
2 tsp Sugar
15ml Dark Rum or Pedro Ximinez Sherry
4 large Crepes
20g Butter

Strawberries for garnish
Vanilla Ice Cream

The Mix: 

Put Strawberries, sugar and Rum or Sherry into a blender and blend until smooth
You can also use a hand blender
Push strawberry mixture through a fine sieve to take out seeds and lumps
Place mixture to one side - This Coulis can be eaten warm or cold - your choice!

Take the crepes, stack on top of each other and roll up to make a large sausage
Using a sharp knife cut crepes into 1cm thick ribbons
Toss and loosen ribbons to open up and avoid sticking together

In a non-stick frying pan melt butter over a medium heat
Add crepes to pan and toss continuously until butter has been absorbed
Keep tossing and turning for 2 minutes over medium heat until crepes JUST start to go crispy

Serve Immediately - Place crepes on a plate surrounded by strawberry coulis, chopped fresh strawberries and a dollop of your favorite ice cream

Drink This: 

Strawberries and......Champagne of course!

Rose Champagne

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