Discover Mourvedre

Discover Mourvedre

Discover Mourvedre


Mourvedre's origin comes from Spain where it was/is called Mataro where it loves the hot, dry climate. It's very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon in a lot of ways although not as widely planted in France. It's often used in blends to give structure and backbone especially in Rhône blends with Grenache and Syrah. 


Red grape variety, full bodied, high tannin, medium acidity. Susceptible to mildew and low temperatures.


France - south, Rhône Valley

Spain - Jumilla, Alicante

Australia - south

USA - California, Washington


Black fruits - Blueberry, Blackberry, Plum, Black Pepper, herbs, Violet, Rose, Smoke, Gravel, Meat - game, dark chocolate


Monastrell, Mataro, Alicante, Damas Noir, Pinot Fleri, Mataro, Torrentes, Monastre, Mourves,


Just like a big Cab, Mourvedre needs big, rich food to make it shine.

This is a big meat wine, a BBQ wine that loves a bit of charring and spice.

Think beef short rib or venison - slowly braised or roasted with simple herbs.

Depending on what blend it's it will also depend on the food pairing but in general, if Mourvedre is involved it's likely to be a more heartier dish with plenty of flavour and richness.

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