Discover SW France

Discover SW France

Discover SW France

Discover the Wines of Southwest France

Discover the Wines and Food of Southwest France

Discover the wines from France's hidden corner, the southwest.

The area of the SW takes up roughly ⅕ of France and runs from the borders of Bordeaux through the Dordogne, Garonne and Gascony and south to the high mountains of the Pyrenees bordering with Spain.
Being the largest region of France the Midi Pyrenees is diverse in terms of gastronomy and produce.
Much of the food tends to be “peasant based” meaning rustic, locally produced and consumed. The area is self-contained.

Meat eaters are well catered to with goose and duck from Gascony, “black” porc from the mountains, salt-marsh lamb, beef and veal from the Landes. 

Vegetarians also have plenty to choose from with seafood from the Atlantic, truffles from Perigord, walnuts from Quercy and wild mushrooms from the Dordogne, not to mention the abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables that are locally grown.

How can we forget to mention the abundance of different types of cheeses from the high Pyrenees mountains and numerous goats cheeses from the flatlands.

And that's just the food, imagine what the wine's are like!

The wines of SW France

The wines of SW France are as diverse as the produce available and with an incredible history to match.
From the lesser known grape varieties of Gros and Petit Manseng which are magically turned into incredible sweet and dry whites to the original home of Malbec in Cahors - there's something here for everyone to enjoy.


For this tasting we will taste 6 wines from the southwest, 3 white and 3 red.

All wines will be accompanied by samples of regional produce that Di has prepared to offer you a unique insight into this beautiful region - you won't be disapppointed!

The tasting takes around 2 hours.

Contact me for availability and to reserve your special informative evening.


The perfect way to spend a balmy summer evening - sitting poolside with friends, sampling the best food and wine that SW France has to offer, and presented in such a warm and professional way - thank you Di, for a truly delicious evening!

di's picture

Thanks Suzy - I really enjoyed it too, it was a perfect evening.

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