Introduction to Wine

Introduction to Wine

Introduction to Wine

Introduction to Wine


Everything you wanted to know about wine but were afraid to ask!


Have you ever wondered how wine tasting works? 

Are you interested but thinks wine is way too serious? 

Are you curious to know more but have never had the opportunity to try wine tasting?

Do all wines taste the same to you?

Have you ever stared at the wine selection in a shop and had no idea what to buy?


If you are familiar with any of the above questions then a quick lesson could be your answer.

Introduction to Wine Tasting

Enjoy a fun and enlightening evening learning about the basics of wine and how to wine taste. 

This is a light and informal tasting that allows you to enter the world of wine tasting while leaving the pomp and hype at the door. 

You don't have to be an expert, you just have to like wine!

There is much swirling, sniffing and loud slurping to be had!

Introduction to Wine Tasting

What you will learn:

To start exploring wine you will begin with how wine is made and where it comes from. 

You will then learn the technique of how to taste wine while identifying various flavours and layers. 

Di will offer insight into different wine styles and their origins while explaining the difference between the Old and New world of wine.

Also on the menu is some wine terminology and label identity to make life easier when choosing your next bottle.


This is a great, fun, eye opener for anyone looking for something different, a gift or just an excuse for friends to get together.

Di provides a selection of 5 different wines, glasses, reading material and the all important bread to freshen your palate.

The tasting takes around 1½ hours and is a great start to an evening.


Contact me for prices and availability.


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