Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa 

I'm forever trying to find new and different dishes that are easy to make.
I love shoving something under the grill or in the oven while chopping up some fresh ingredients to have on top or on the side of whats cooking.

I love salsa, it's so refreshing to the palate and conjures up memories of Mexican vacations.
Salsa is traditionally made with tomatoes, chili and lime but any variations work.
In this case beetroot (beets), tomato and green onions are my choice, all married with zesty lemon juice and, of course, the all important coriander (cilantro).
I found the lemon in the salsa combined with the lemon zest in the turkey crumb work well together and the coriander puts the cherry on top.

This recipe uses breaded turkey escalopes but you can use chicken, fish or even pork.
I buy a tray of escalopes at a time, breadcrumb them and pop them in the freezer until I want to use them.
Pre-breaded escalopes are readily available in most supermarkets or farmers markets. They cook in minutes and are really healthy.

In this recipe I included how to breadcrumb your turkey but if you want to buy them pre-done then you're ahead of the game.
I also use a lot or either/or's regarding the choice of pre-breaded or not, cooking methods, salsa ingredients etc, meaning that it's your choice which one you choose to use.
The recipe is really versatile which makes it easy to make and easy to make variations so you can keep mixing it up.

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Salsa can be served on the side or on top - your choice!

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Light and Summery this dish makes the most of simple garden ingredients.

Lemony Crumbed Turkey with Beet Salsa

Recipe for 4 people

If you are going to use pre-breaded escalopes you will need 4 of them.

For Unbreaded Turkey

4 Turkey Escalopes
50g Flour - seasoned with S+P and on a large plate
1 Egg - beaten in a large bowl
Fresh Breadcrumbs - in a large bowl
Zest of 1 Lemon - mixed in with the breadcrumbs

Have a spare large plate ready
Organize your ingredients in a row as per the ingredient order either left to right or the other way depending on your preference.     
Take a turkey escalope, coat both sides in flour and shake off the excess
Next, toss it in the egg and coat both sides
Finally toss it in the breadcrumbs, shake off excess and place on the plate
Repeat with the rest


4 medium sized Beetroot - pre-cooked, peeled and cooled - diced
1 handful Cherry Tomatoes - cut into quarters
2 green onions - finely chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
1 bunch fresh Cilantro/Coriander - chopped
1 fresh red chili - chopped finely OR pinch hot chili powder
Salt and Pepper - for seasoning

The Mix: 


Mix all ingredients together and place in fridge for at least 1 hour
Adjust salt and pepper to your taste before serving

Turkey Escalopes

Take whichever turkey you have chosen place on a baking tray and either brush or spray both sides with olive oil
Place on a low shelf under a grill and grill each side for approx 10 minutes until cooked through
Be careful not to burn!

Once cooked serve with a generous portion of salsa on the side or on top and some fresh salad leaves 

Drink This: 

Beetroot is a toughie to pair wine with but it's a summery dish that is supposed to be light and flavorsome so i'd go with a rosé.
Try this one from Provence

Provence Rose

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