Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Di Warren is pretty passionate about what she does. She draws from a lifetime of experience in the kitchen, front of house, management and customer service in order to deliver a presentation that all levels can understand and relate to. 

Bringing reality to life, Di allows her listeners to understand the differences and challenges that can come light whether inter-departmentally, directionally from "above", from clients or simply by change.

After spending much of her working life in resort based tourism, Di is able to communicate some of the difficulties that can arise and offer solutions on how to change or improve those situations.

Often seen as a role model by many of her co-workers, Di was the person drawn on to offer advice in circumstances that were confusing or poorly communicated.

Taking this many steps further and after years as a Customer Service Manager, Di uses examples, humor and a personal approach to make her presentations realistic and memorable.

The results of Di's presentations are always contented smiles of understanding from those who are motivated to go further and do more.


Di Warren has spoken at resort training seminars and sommelier training conferences in North America.


Contact Di for ideas and cost on realistic Motivational Speaking

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