Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Wine corks mean different things to different people.

To some, it's a reminder of a special time with friends or a loved one where to others it's a reminder of that special bottle that tasted incredibly, cost a fortune or was a collectors item.

To many - it's all of the above!!

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Either way, there are some pretty special wine corks out there and rather than send them to the landfill why not get to enjoy them a little bit longer once the wine has gone?

Recycled Wine cork Keyrings

These are great as stocking stuffers at Christmas or place settings for your dinner parties.

How about party gifts for your friends or a special thank you to someone to remind them of a great dinner?

Chalet hosts - forget about giving your guests cookies - think about something that they'll see every day.

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Inexpensive but with a big impact, these keyrings are unique in every way.

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

Completely handmade by yours truly.

Colour schemes can be tailored to your preference.

Charms and glass beads can be tailored to you need.

Recycled Wine Cork Keyrings

I have a small stock available for immediate sale.

Please Contact Me for photos and prices

Alternatively, if you have an event or special theme in mind Contact Me for a custom order.


Not suitable for small children!

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