Sweet Potato Coconut & Pomegranate

Sweet Potato Coconut & Pomegranate

Sweet Potato Coconut & Pomegranate

Martha Stewart Recipe

I can't lay claim to this recipe but after a recent trip to Asia the smell of cilantro, creamy coconut and zesty lime still linger strongly with me.

This simple dish combines so many beautiful, healthy and tasty ingredients that it is a must for anyone looking to try baked spuds in a different form.

Not only are the flavours mouthwatering but the aroma will leave you chomping at the bit to try it and along with it's crunchy texture, thanks to the pomegranate, this dish delivers all that it says on the label!

Thanks Martha Stewart.

CLICK HERE for the recipe

Pomegranate's are also incredibly good for you and are packed full of nutrients so in addition to eating a yummy dish you're also looking after your body.
Who said being healthy was boring?

Drink This: 

A New World fruity and dry Pinot Gris should pair really well with the Asian influence of this dish 

Try this one Waimea Estate Pinot Gris 2014

New Zealand Pinot Gris

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